Engineering Expertise

Engineering design is always influenced by three factors:  environmental conditions, energy costs and technological advances.  With design concepts rooted in solid engineering practices, AEC incorporates costs for capital, life cycle, operations and maintenance into comprehensive solutions.  

Whether you are contemplating new construction or renovation, traditional or innovative design, we have the necessary in-house expertise to deliver a successfully completed project.

Civil Engineering
Sustainable sites have become an important part of any land development. The design process must consider the impacts on the natural resources, the ecosystems, and energy use. Site disturbance and impervious coverage should be minimized. Stormwater design must include Best Management Practices (BMP's) for stormwater quantity and quality. A good site design is the first step to a LEED-Certified project. 

AEC's Civil Engineering Department provides a full range of services with experience in master planning, land development, erosion and sedimentation controls, stormwater management, parking garages, and athletic fields. Our expertise includes surveying, land planning, stormwater management design, and utility design.


Structural Engineering
Our Structural Department is skilled and experienced in the design of wood, steel, masonry and concrete. This knowledge and familiarity with all forms of structures allows AEC to design for maximum quality while minimizing costs. We offer design consultation at the earliest stages of project development to identify, resolve and execute any requirements and augment systems integration. AEC stays current with the latest technologies to provide efficient designs, economical solutions and simplicity of construction.

Mechanical Engineering
AEC's Mechanical Department incorporates flexibility, energy efficiency and value into each of our system designs.  The use of control systems can integrate all aspects of building environmental control and other systems, including life safety, security and fire protection.

We have traditional hydronic and steam system experience from process to simple environmental application, with emphasis on energy efficient and sustainable design. Projects include geothermal, thermal storage, solar thermal, variable refrigerant and absorption technology as appropriate.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, AEC has designed many renewable and sustainable projects, using the ground’s constant state temperature for geothermal design, and the sun’s effects for solar electric and domestic water systems. Many of these projects have  achieved LEED-Certification.

Our Plumbing Engineers incorporate the latest codes and standards to achieve the most economical and user-friendly systems.  AEC's Plumbing design team addresses the need for environmental efficiency and creative water management and reuse. Saving water in our environment is paramount to how the plumbing design is approached and implemented.

Fire Protection designs focus on early warning fire detection and fire suppression systems, required by codes and according to project needs. AEC has experience with a variety of fire suppression methods, including pre-action and dry systems, local applications, and clean agent systems.

Electrical Engineering 

Our Electrical Department is offering traditional secondary service distribution experience with various system voltages, including the "high-leg" system and isolated grounding, to more sophisticated technology incorporating peak load management, shifting, sharing and generation. AEC provides expertise on both primary and secondary systems and can assist with utility contacts and applications. We include power conditioning where required to provide "clean" power. Where redundancy and reliability are of utmost priority, we can help our clients phase construction and manage the risk of utility power loss.