Infrastructure Upgrade

AEC, Inc. has completed the closeout documents for two large infrastructure projects at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.


The planning and design for a complete new electrical system serving the entire campus started about two years ago. This first project included upgrading their normal power from 4.5 mega watts to 11 mega watts and their emergency capability from a number of individual small generators to a new 1000 kw and a new 1500 kw generator. Both systems have been consolidated into a single building adjacent to the main hospital. From that new location a complete grid of 5kv primary and emergence services feeds six different dual normal service mains while the emergency grid feeds step down transformers, then automatic transfer switches in the same six locations.


The automatic control package is fed through an ASCO synchronizing gear then into a Seimens BAS. This same system also monitors all transfer switch positions, loads and indicates everything that is essential for detecting malfunctions in the day to day operation of the central electrical distribution system to this 1.2 million square foot campus.


As part of the central plant emergency system, AEC, Inc. designed a peak shaving leg for three new 500 ton centrifugal chillers. This system consisted of a manual change over for peak power shaving with an automatic transfer switch which would drop the chillers if the medical center went into an emergency power situation.


AEC, Inc. also engineered the complete new conduit distribution system throughout the campus for normal and emergency power and control requirements. This system housed two miles of 34 kv cables and more than five miles of 5 kv cables. The design was accomplished to allow for off peak construction and phased connections to existing distribution points, thus minimizing down time.

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