Outreach Innovation Building

Penn State Universtiy


This 100,000 square foot building houses the University’s Public Broadcasting network and Technology Department. The computer facility is the “internet backbone” of the main campus and all satellite campuses, and allows continuous interface between all campus classrooms, laboratories and office facilities, as well as conference centers and performing arts centers.


Along with server computer rooms, the building includes faculty offices, conference rooms, state-of-the-art television and radio studios, and production facilities.


The three story steel frame building has several two story openings for studios and lobby areas. Isolation of structures is critical in controlling sound transmission to studio production areas.


The Public Broadcasting and Technology Departments each have a central mechanical system, with DDC controls back to the central plant. The HVAC systems include chillers, boilers, and large built-up air handlers located inside the building. The air distribution system for the administrative portion of the building utilizes an under-floor system with moveable floor registers, providing improved environmental conditions, and relative ease of interior renovations. Electrical systems include power distribution, studio lighting and dimming systems, fire alarm and a major emergency generator to keep broadcasting functions operational during power outages.

Services Provided
Fire Protection
University Clients
Eastern University
Temple University
University Of Pennsylvania
Villanova University
Penn State University
Rowan University
West Chester University