New School


Norwood, Massachusetts

Universal Technical Institute is a publically traded corporation with corporate offices in Phoenix, Arizona. Their charter is to teach students the art of automobile , truck and boat repair. AEC was the structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection engineer of record to this multiphase project.  


The project was to convert 200,000 square feet of existing warehouse and manufacturing space to automobile and truck teaching labs. An additional 60,000 square feet of existing offices were converted into classrooms and another 40,000 square feet of new mezzanine space was created for classrooms. UTI corporate standards were used to create each technical lab space and 1,000 square foot individual classroom space. Additional spaces were created for connecting corridors, bathrooms, vestibules and lobbies along with administration offices.


The school is now 100% in operation in Norwood, MA. AEC designed the sophisticated HVAC system with 40 large VFD roof top air handlers and VAV supply and return duct distribution systems to balance all the automobile and truck exhaust systems in each lab space.   This included emergency evacuation systems set up on CO2 sensors. Likewise, all classrooms had individual VAV controls and room stats. All areas had sensors that controlled lighting requirements based on occupancy. The entire building was on a central building automation system that controlled each system an allowed both the facility management department and corporate headquarters to adjust the building requirements for efficiency.

Services Provided
Fire Protection
Meyer Associates
School Clients
Villa Maria Academy
Ursinus College
Devon Preparatory School
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Gesu School
Universal Technical Institute