Country Clubs

Doylestown Country Club | Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Riverton Country Club | Riverton, New Jersey

Whitford Country Club | Exton, Pennsylvania


Each of these clubs, ranging from 21,000 to 23,000 square feet, had major renovations and additions performed under a tight fast-track schedule. Construction was started in October, and completed the following year for use in the spring.


The structural engineering requirements for each of these country clubs were complicated by the existing floor-to-floor heights, and the new rooflines of the additions. Due to the low headroom in existing areas, the new superstructure had to be as shallow as possible. Coordination of the mechanical systems, along with the lighting and sprinkler requirements, was extremely important to ensure that all systems fit within the limited space above the ceiling.


The mechanical systems for these facilities, along with the kitchen requirements, are an intricate combination of old and new.  Individuals air handlers control different areas, allowing various night setback capabilities and area shut downs.

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