Temple University Hospital - Rock Pavilion

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Working directly for the University and Hospital, Associated Engineers, Inc. provided both architectural and engineering services for the design and renovation of the existing 9th floor psychiatric ward into a new 12,000 square foot ICU.


Extensive programming meetings with the medical and nursing staff enabled AEC, Inc. to incorporate design features that added important elements for patient care, insulation, sound attenuation and maintenance of the space. Headwalls for each patient room include all electric, medical gas, nurses’ call and dialysis systems, and a stainless steel snap-in bed anchor system. The design features full height glass doors with glass sidelight panels on each patient room, and sliding glass walls between rooms. Layout of the Nurses’ Station provides clear vision lines and eye-to-eye contact between nurses and their patients.


All the existing mechanical systems were removed to allow for increased service to the new ICU, and a custom-designed rooftop unit was installed. Engineering included designs for a new air handling system requiring two separate wall systems with vertical interstitial space, rooftop HEPA filtration systems, nurse call systems, security and fire alarm systems, along with medical gases and structural modifications for equipment and vertical shafts.