Land Rover / Jaguar Dealership

Wayne, Pennsylvania


The original design for this new building featured a 10,000 square foot showroom and office area on grade, and a 20,000 square foot service center below grade level. A 5,000 square foot second floor was added during the construction.


Engineering design features include poured concrete below grade; steel frame above grade; and a VAV system for the office and showroom area. A custom heating and ventilating system was designed and installed for the lower level to evacuate exhaust fumes.


During the project, AEC extended a water main for Aqua PA to get water to the site, and put in a new electric service and new gas main, which was extended and capped for future development of an adjacent site (Pembroke North condominiums).


AEC developed the civil engineering to create the land subdivision, unbundled the properties, created a new residential zoning district (R6) for the separated rear property, and guided the project through the approval process with Radnor Township.

Services Provided
Fire Protection
Knabb Partnership
Corporate Clients
HSC Builders
Land Rover
St. Martha Manor
Veteran's Administration