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Temple University

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) engaged Associated Engineering Consultants, Inc. to provide a wet sprinkler system, fire alarm and fire detection systems throughout 11 DGS-owned high-rise buildings on the Temple University campus, totaling 2.2 million square feet.


Each building was evaluated to ascertain existing conditions, including architectural, sprinkler, fire alarm and supplemental emergency power requirements. During the design phase, Associated Engineering Consultants, Inc. developed AutoCAD backgrounds for all the facilities, including partition types, architectural and structural features, and reflected ceiling plans. To allow for uninterrupted use of each facility, Associated Engineering Consultants, Inc. developed a campus Master Plan, with a complete scope of work for all three prime contractors, including phased construction for upgrading each existing building system.


Where possible, existing dry standpipe systems were utilized as combined wet sprinkler/standpipe riser, to minimize demolition and disruption during construction. The new fire alarm and fire detection systems in all 11 buildings were tied together via a new central control computer system at the Campus Security Office.


The project was completed over a five-year period of phased construction. Tightly controlled and coordinated documentation by Associated Engineering Consultants, Inc. kept the cost escalation under 1% of total project budget.

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