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AEC @ Villanova - 08.15.2017

AEC has been very busy with Villanova University projects over the past year. The athletic projects consist of a new football facility and renovations to the Jake Nevin Pavilion. This new 35,000 S.F., 3 story facility, which is now occupied, connects to the Pavilion and Jake Nevin. Now that football has moved from under the stadium, AEC has engineered the changes for both the north and south sides to house the Women’s and Men’s lacrosse team and Track and Field.

The Davis Center, which is primarily used for the men’s and women’s basketball teams, is undergoing two renovations; AEC has completed the engineering on both. First, the workout and locker room areas, and the second a rotunda face lift, which includes major structural renovations and state of the art electronic graphic displays. Wrapping up Villanova’s athletic campus requirements, AEC is assisting with a major Pavilion renovation project by completing all of the civil engineering requirements.

AEC, Inc is also finishing the hardscape design and all of the infrastructure improvements for phase “4” center of campus reconstruction. AEC also completed the first 3 phases. When completed, the overall project, which started at the Ithan Avenue end, will extend to the Spring Mill side of the campus. This 30 million dollar project has been going on for the past 4 years, and will be completed, in construction, during the summer of 2018.

Finishing up the Villanova University Main Campus Infrastructure Engineering, AEC studied, surveyed, monitored and designed the re-roughing of all of the main campus sanitary sewage to discharge into Lower Merion Township. This allows the sewage from the new dorm project, along Lancaster avenue, to be accepted by Radnor Township without a campus flow increase.

Besides many smaller building renovation projects on Villanova’s main campus, AEC’s civil, structural, and MEP & FP departments have been busy completing all of the interior and some of the exterior renovation requirements to the Villanova Conference Center on County Line Road.

In 2018, the final construction phase of the entire Villanova main campus electrical service, engineered by AEC, will be completed. This 2 year project includes a new 6’ diameter tunnel under Amtrak Right of Way, which will not only contain all of the main campus medium voltage distribution, but also the main fiber optic phone and computer requirements.